dmClub for customers

dmClub LogoOur dmClub brand aims to give as much choice to customers as possible.

Unlike many telecoms providers, we give customers the power to choose not just a number range but exactly which number they would like from a selection, including the option to buy a memorable ('Gold') number. Our numbers can then be combined with our extensive range of telephony products to create the perfect service for each customer.

There is no need for the customer to buy or install any hardware, and no need for specialist technical knowledge: all our services are virtual. By logging in to the 'Clubhouse' - our online control panel - customers can manage every aspect of their services, from staying on top of account credit through configuring call diverts to setting up a virtual switchboard.

Our aim is to provide enough information on each page of the control panel to enable our customers to configure their services without needing to ask for help. But if a customer does need help, we pride ourselves on delivering support quickly and effectively both by email and phone.