BlueprintDigital Mail have a track record of innovation stretching back 25 years.

The company was founded in 1991. In 1995, we released our first generation of personal digital numbers. Then, in 1997, we released a personal number service with free real-time divert and smart hunting.

Then, in 1998, we launched a Unified Messaging service combining voice, fax, voicemail, SMS and email. In 1999, we launched dmClub, the brand that supports both our direct sales and also our reseller network.

The dot-com bubble had little effect on us: we prospered by building genuinely useful services at affordable prices, and by concentrating on operational efficiency. In 2002, we moved to dmGenX, our ground-breaking telecommunications system, improving service integration and supporting XML scripting.

GenX had a long life, but has now been succeded by GenY,  introduced in 2006, and GenU, in 2012. The latter's Universal Switch technology offers seamless ineroperability between VOIP and PSTN networks, and powers our latest generation of products, dmConnect12 and dmSwitchboard12, and add-on services dmCalls12 (outbound calling) and dmAnswers14 (human message taking).