Digital Mail holds a UK telecoms licence, and allocates numbers from all major UK number ranges.

Notwork NodesThese include 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871, City of London (020-7), UK-GEO (local area codes) and 07 D, J, K and PN2 rate numbers. All ranges include memorable gold numbers, sold at a price premium.

Digital Mail's network is located in the City of London, and has been operational since 1992. The network is powered by dmGenX. In addition to our own network, Digital Mail has strong relationships with a select group of network providers and taps bandwidth on partner switch partitions. Network bandwidth is purchased from companies with a reputation for reliability and placed under the control of our dmGenX hubs, enabling us to run our full range of services cost-effectively, and keep customer fees low.

Calls are routed through our four telephony interconnects, (including the main BT interconnect), and we also have access to tier 1 wholesale international carriers. Our ability to choose from multiple alternative carriers allows us to select the best quality call route, and to provide routing redundancy and fault tolerance.