dmClub's product support

Life BuoyOther companies say your call is important to us.
At Digital Mail we mean it.

Our dmClub support team is formed of highly trained experts with in-depth technical knowledge and able to work on initiative, rather than operatives welded to a script.

The dmClub support team provides help and support both to our direct customers, and is also available to our dealer network and their customers.

Some support numbers we are proud of

  • 100% of calls to the dmClub support desk are answered by people, not machines
  • 95% of calls are answered by a member of the support team within 4 rings
  • The remaining 5% are taken by a human answering operator, who will take your contact details.
  • 100% of these calls returned within 4 hours
  • In 90% of cases the support team member answering the call will solve the problem
  • 100% of support emails answered within four working hours