At Digital Mail Ltd we have a powerful integrated platform and reseller base, and increasingly develop our products through collaborative partnership.

Partner HatWe welcome approaches from potential partners with ideas either for a whole product that could integrate with our existing platform, or else individual features that could expand or enhance that platform.

In general, if you think you may be able to add great new features to our existing product range, then we welcome your proposal. More specifically, we are currently developing in a number of key areas, and are actively seeking new partners in several fields. See below for some of our current interests.



We are seeking consultants and potential suppliers with FreeSwitch switching technology and know-how.


We are interested in proposals for CRM plugins that would enable us to link useful products/services into CRM systems. We are further interested in sourcing and working with a good-quality FOSS CRM system. If you have know-how or ideas in this space please get in touch.

General telephony

We are currently on the lookout for good-quality VoIP handsets and softphones, including web softphones.


We are interested in reselling international phone numbers and welcome approaches from potential suppliers.

Investment information

Digital Mail is profitable, expanding, and cash positive. We are not currently seeking additional capital.

Partnership contact details

If you may have a proposal that is of interest to us, please email and the appropriate product manager will get in touch.