Platform SuperstructureIn the beginning

Our first Gen1 and Gen2 switches date from the 1990s, and were developed at a time when phone lines were often unreliable, and dialup internet was just beginning to gain traction. Gen3,  our first move towards our current system, was a groundbreaking innovation: the world's first public unified messaging service, it combined telephony with email and other internet services.

21st century evolution

At the dawn of the century Gen3 technology was incorporated into GenX. We moved to a TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) telecoms switch, adding live call forwarding and real-time credit control to Gen3's unified messaging service.

Driven by our XML-based telephony scripting language XScript, GenX offered voice, fax and internet services. With this foundation numbers from all of our number ranges can be combined with a full range of fax, voice, switchboard and other services and managed by the customer through a web interface. GenX is still in operation, but better was to come.

In 2006 added GenY to our portfolio, a pure VoIP switch, complimenting GenX's PSTN telephony. This has enabld us to offer both VoIP and TDM, while reaping the efficiency benefits of running a VoIP network. GenY is a proud user of Free Open-Source Software (FOSS) and is still in operation.

GenU, our "Universal Switch" introduced in 2012, expands the offering still further, offering a true hybrid of VOIP and PSTN, with flexible call routing, in one integrated package. It's the platform that powerrs the new generation of our products: dmConnect12, dmSwitchboard12, and their add-on services, dmCalls12 (outbound calling) and dmAnswers14 (human message taking).