Research and development

Since its inception, Digital Mail has maintained a strong focus on product-driven research-and-development.

R&DAfter notching up a string of telecommunications world firsts in the 1990s we continued to innovate, pioneering the development of "virtual number" technology and the use of digital switches to create number-forwarding services with flexible web-based controls.

More recently, DML have focussed on the integration of inbound and outbound services, the integration of VoIP and PSTN telephony, and with putting the power of  fully-fledged switchboards within reach of SME customers, in tesms of both affordability and ease-of-use.

Our research and development department is dedicated to creating and improving market-focused telecoms solutions, and to supporting our reseller network with innovative sales and marketing tools.

World firsts

Here are a selection of Digital Mail's technology world-firsts from the last 23 years. Contact us for the full list.

1992 Hyperfax: a fax gateway designed to work over poor quality phone lines, by using adaptive packet length and session resume technology.
1994 Hyperfax fax-email gateway: receive faxes by email.
1995 Gen3: a PSTN Unified Messaging platform, featuring inbound call forwarding.
1997 Gen3 enhanced with personal (07) number and a web-based control (allowing diverts to be set).
2000 Voice-activated dialling (dmCalls).
2003 GenX switch, the successor to Gen3, introduced. Supports voice, fax and switchboard numbers – all controllable using xscript, an intermediate, XML-based switch control language.
2010 eComponents (rebrandable widget-style website plugins) allow affiliates to sell our entire product range.
2012 GenU ‘Universal Switch’ technology combines VoIP and PSTN telephony.
2012 dmSwitchboard12, based on the GenU platform, puts the power of switchboards within reach of SME customers, and includes an extremely  flexible web-based ‘switchboard designer’, allowing fine-grained control over call-routing.
2012 All GenU call destinations feature called CLI delivery, as well as enhanced call information to PSTN.
2014 dmAnswers14, a configurable ‘front desk’ and ‘message desk’ answering and message-taking service, can be added to all GenU products.
2014 dmConsole, the web and smartphone based control for dmAnswers14, allows customers to change their call answering preferences at any time, even while on the move.
2014 Visual Voicemail delivers voicemail message notifications by email and SMS, with links to web-based streaming audio.

Intellectual property

Digital Mail’s IP may have some useful defensive precedents in protecting against unfriendly patent-holders. While software patents are not legal in Europe there may be opportunities for patenting some of our IP elsewhere in the world.